With over 250+ weddings shot and 12 years in business, people hire us for our artistic vision.  And while that is continually developing, there is a very good and current representation of it here on our site.  We strive to make each wedding collection -even from the same venue-look unique. YOUR love, who you are, and every aspect of your wedding is what is reflected. We are happy to collaborate with you on your own ideas as well-in fact, we love this!

We focus on logistics and planning, so we can be spontaneous and thrive in the in-between. Many times we are able to assist couples in creating a more realistic time-line for their wedding photography. Classic family portraits are a part of every Collection, but in our world they are organized, quick, and classic. 

We are committed to using all that technology has to offer for retouching and making you look your best, however you won't find trendy, "film-like", miniature, or heavy photoshop effects in our portfolio. We do however use a lot of creative lighting techniques. We want the images we create for you to be relevant in 25, 50, even 100 years. 

If you would like to view a complete wedding collection, (which we highly recommend), simply contact us.